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– Pass matric Mathematics with 60% or above

– must be older than 19 and younger than 36

– 60% on physics, chemistry or life science is an advantage

– engineering or computer background is an advantage

Each course exits candidates at NQF level 4 for short course programs and NQF level 5 for the AVR Professional Program. Please note that the NQF is a South African qualification standard. The programs are international and also give excellent skill transfer to international students

You must be older than 19 and younger than 36

– Graphics Designer or Visual Artist

– AVR coder

– Animator

– 3D modeler

– AVR simulator/developer

– web developer

– AVR entrepreneur

– AVR Trainer

– Project manager

Short Program –  6-8 weeks

AVR Professional Program – 12 months

Lesson plans are carried and delivered online to trainees. There are no physical classes present.

Trainers and trainees will communicate on a developed portal that allows trainees to view marks, contact trainers, launch a query, upload assignment, etc

The accreditation is suited for South African trainees however the skill acquired on the programs will best enhance anyone who takes the course

There are Career Tutelage modules on all the programs which teaches trainees how to start a business from the skill acquired on the courses

Yes, an arrangement with sponsors will need to be made prior registration and commencement of the course

There is no graduation waiting period. Once the program is complete then graduation takes place.

Information about majoring subject is shared to registered students before timetable is shared and course commences

Yes, if you are accepted on the program again then you may take the course again

Trainees use the trainee portal to view grades, appeal for remarking, monitor progress etc

Yes. Our short courses are 8 weeks max. If you strike a balance between your 2 studies for the next 8 weeks after registration then you will be able to successfully complete our short course programs

Merits and credits are explained in the curriculum we have for each program and only explained to registered trainees who will be taking the course

No, Only tests and assignments will be submitted. The most important and effective way of exposing skills acquired on the course is for trainees to be put on live projects instead of writing exams

The application is a Virtual Reality application and is compatible with VR Headsets that are readily available in the market. Once you have started the application, placed your device in the headset and put on the headset you will be immersed in the application. There will be a blue dot on the screen which follows your head rotation. That dot is used for all application interactions, when you place the dot on a button it is the same as pressing on the screen with your finger.

There is no scientific evidence that Virtual Reality can provoke constant brain damage to adults and kids

The subscription is a monthly subscription. You can sign up for our monthly rate or our yearly rate charged monthly. It will be a recurring payment on your credit card.

The only equipment needed for this application is a VR headset and a VR capable phone.

Our range of applications is not designed according to any syllabus. They are designed to allow users to experience and experiment with scientific principles.


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